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Knowing where your crew are - and when - is essential.

Control Our Crew is an RFID-based system that makes tracking your crew’s access and whereabouts easy.

Control Our Crew:
grants crew accreditation
oversees access control in restricted onsite areas
monitors where your crew is, so you can maintain an accurate record of who’s on or offsite, and when.

Even better, it uses the same crew data as Feed Our Crew and Protect Our Crew - so you can have peace of mind knowing that tracking your crew’s access and whereabouts is just a click away.

How does Control Our Crew Work?

Control Our Crew software uses modern-cloud based servers and can be accessed from any web browser that’s connected to the internet.

It uses the existing user data from Feed Our Crew and/or Protect Our Crew.

We use and supply reliable Contactless cards, wristbands and laminates, or use equipment from an existing system along with affordable Contactless readers.

So it’s easy to monitor your crew’s access and authorisations - and know where they are at all times.

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How do I use the system?

Control Our Crew is a real time system that allows you to see the status of crew and whether they’re onsite or offsite.

You can use RFID stations to control crew access to restricted areas. This allows security to easily track crew movements and monitor who’s allowed to access certain areas and who isn’t - all in real time.

You can also assign Access Profiles to groups, where you and other individuals can create overrides to crew access.