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Your crew’s time working onsite is precious - so why waste it?

Using modern cloud-based servers, Protect Our Crew allows your crew to complete an online induction to Health and Safety while they’re offsite.

It even tracks and records you crew’s progress, which means your Health and Safety team can check they’ve passed at any time - so your crew can get to work onsite right away.

How does Protect Our Crew Work?

Protect Our Crew uses cloud-based servers, so you can access it using any web browser with internet access.

Reliable and robust QR codes are used to identify crew, so there's no expensive hardware to fork out for you can scan in either using your card or simply an emailed QR code from your own android phone!

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How does the process work?

Protect Our Crew can be used as a standalone module, or in conjunction with Feed Our Crew and/or Control Our Crew.

We provide all the necessary Health and Safety information your crew need to know in a PDF document, including a multiple-choice assessment. Once this data is uploaded into the system, we trigger a bulk email that’s tracked to make sure it’s sent.

This email contains a QR code and instructs your crew to read and understand the Health and Safety information before answering the test questions.

You’re then able to access the results from this test in our online system at any time using the QR code, by showing the emailed QR code on your phone.

If you’re successful in passing the test, you’ll receive an email that confirms your results - so your Health and Safety team can scan your crew’s QR codes (on their cards or emails) at any time to provide proof that they’ve passed.

And what’s more, and any onsite inductions carried out can be recorded and checked in our system, too.

What happens next?


Once your crew receive the induction email, they can select Read Safety Briefing to open the Health and Safety information.


SOnce they’re confident they've learned everything they need to know, they select Take the Test.


Here, your crew will be asked to answer some multiple-choice questions to test their Health and Safety knowledge.


If crew pass, they’ll receive an email confirming their success!

They simply need to present the email with their QR code to prove they’ve passed Health and Safety checks are necessary – and means they can get to work right away once they’re onsite.